Elephant conservation

10% of every sold piece (not including postage) is sent directly to a charity that supports Elephant conservation please see below for some of the non-profit organisations that I donate to and the wonderful work they do;

International Elephant Foundation (IEF)

The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) is the catalyst for creating a sustainable future where elephants thrive. IEF's projects focus on both the endangered Asian elephant and the severely threatened African elephant for reducing human-elephant conflict, protecting habitat, stopping poaching, and advancing knowledge to find cures for elephant diseases.  They work anywhere there are elephants, both in-situ in rangeland countries to support protecting elephants, habitat, and villagers, and ex-situ to support projects and research that expands our knowledge of elephants, their health, and their behavior.  IEF has the longest running elephant conservation project in Indonesia, the Elephant Conservation Response Units, protecting the evolutionarily significant and critically endangered Sumatran elephant as well as creating strong conservation partners in a region where elephants were often considered problems. We believe that the stronger bonds people have with elephants, the more invested they will become in their survival. We must create a vibrant future for elephants, and IEF is dedicated to making that future a reality.


To find out more about how your donations help The International Elephant Foundation (IEF) please go to www.elephantconservation.org

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