Hayley Lewis

Ceramic Artist raising Awareness for the future of Elephants through Ceramics and Illustration.

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Elephant's Ivory is as precious as Gold, they need it more than we do ~ Hayleycl


I have a long held interest in the depiction of animals in art: particularly the elephant. This has led me to an awareness of their endangerment. In my work I aim to convey the role and nature of elephants through the ages with their magnificent forms, using an illustrative method of blue and white painting. I started this journey in 2011 by using porcelain for its precious, reflective and symbolic qualities to raise awareness of their vulnerability, and Juxtaposing historical and contemporary imagery in the same stylistic way in order to give the viewer an insight into this very special and endangered relationship with elephants through museology which you can find on my 'Archive' page with my past work that has influenced my current art practice.

Using the Ceramic form that triggers our memories and associations, combined with illustration and using historical imagery and current concerns I urge the public to look at the issues facing their extinction. I believe ceramics provided me the perfect surface in which to learn ways in which I can raise concerns and reveal truths that are crucial to the way in which we see the future of endangerment. Through my work I intend to highlight the plight of vulnerable elephants, expanding on various ways in which to convey their lives through illustrative techniques.

My long term goal is to make a significant contribution to vulnerable Elephants through illustration as previously I used surfaces like porcelain and glazes to develop innovative ways to bring these current issues forward. I am interested in developing forgotten traditions combined with my passion for the un-told stories of animals through illustration.

I want my work to raise awareness, its only purpose is this, and to achieve this I want to share my visions and imagination with the world.

I am currently working from my little studio at home in Barry, Wales. I do not have access to a kiln so I have started painting illustrations using high quality papers, taking inspiration from historical images found in 18th century books or articles and also from photographs.

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